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Dr. Rajni Rathi


Integrating design with Vastu & astrology for peace and prosperous life.


Ace Interior Designer, Vastu Expert and one of the country’s leading Astrologers, Ms. Rajni Rathi is someone who’s passion for her work is clearly visible and comes across in almost every single project that she has handled. As one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs, Ms. Rajni has transitioned into being one of the most sought after professionals today in multiple genres she chooses to dabble into.


Ceaselessly valued for her abilities in Vastu, Astrology and Interior Design Trends Ms. Rathi has undertaken a large number of social and corporate workshops on Practical Vastu with special reference to stress management, time, relationship problems and spiritual enhancement for almost two decades. In all these years, she has been propagating this field of creative expensive art and science by organizing large number of seminars and symposium all over the world, and has been quite successful in mesmerizing the audiences with her alluring interior designs full of style and elegance.


Ms. Rathi conforms to the latest trends and is well associated with the leading corporate institutions and multinational companies globally. Still, she comes across as a humble and honest human being, who is always willing to help other industry enthusiasts, a rare trait in this fiercely competitive world. Similarly, it was no exception that Ms. Rathi has been doing research and experiments on the basic principles of Vastu, Astrology and Interior designing to help the masses. Consequently, she has got a huge fan following not just in the country, but all around the world. Her notable projects include interior design of an exclusive DLF bollywood celebrities, politicians and business tycoon.


Ms Rajni Rathi has been conferred as Best Interior Award 2016 by famous International Indian Business awards (IIBA) and Indian realty award, supported by Micro small and medium enterprise (MSME). Ms. Rajni Rathi has also been honored with India Entrepreneurship Excellence Award in the area of Vastu by Bharat Nirman an NGO supported by Government of India facilities by Ex Chief Minister of Noida, by heart and soul.


She founded Tatya Impressions Pvt. Limited and Tatyam School of Design imparts quality education in field of Design which looks after the various needs of the corporate clients and corporate interiors. Her sound academic roots and esteemed professional excellence makes Ms. Rajni shine brighter than her counterparts.


Ms Rathi has earned reputation for herself for her ability to visualize and anticipate the end result and thus, produces work with a degree of fineness that matches the expectations. Her eagerness to experiment is something that has got the projects realized with intriguingly cryptic motto, “we know what to make and how to make “, having the concept in place, she always ensures that her vision is realized. In a nutshell, she is a powerhouse of ideas and a treasure trove of thoughts & concepts on how one can decorate an interior space in most amazing way.


With Best Wishes

Dr. Rajni Rathi

Client Testimonials

Rajni Rathi ma'am gave very good advice on vastu related tips which really helped me and my family for our house and my father’s office.
Radhika Khera
Defence Colony

Ms Rajni Rathi ji is extremely knowledgeable in the subjects of Vastu, interiors , energising spaces and ancient Indian related sciences . It's always a pleasure working with her because she not only has a deep understanding of spaces, but has the capacity to be flexible and provide custom tailored alternatives also.
Dr. Ananta Raghuvanshi
Country Head at Damac

Rajni Rathi was my dearest student and when I came to know that she is an expert in vastu I asked her to help me out with it so she gave me few tips and changed my office cabin accordingly which really helped me to grew on my professional front. She is a great interior designer also she helped to change the look and feel of my house in noida too.
Dr. Sanjeev Bansal
Director Dean of Amity Business School

Rajni Rathi did a fantastic job as doing my interior work for my residence.
Chetan Sharma

We have villas in Udaipur and Rajni Rathi gave us Vastu tips for our Villas which made us feel positive and it helped us too in many ways.
Virendra Dangi & Rajni Dangi

Rajni Gave me vastu tips for my house which helped me to feel positive and better to come out of negativity. She is a really a sweet lady.
Major General Lamba



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